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This Is How The Indian Government Is Spying On You

This Is How The Indian Government Is Spying On You. It is only the enlightened ruler and the wise general who will use the highest intelligence

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Pakistan’s Business Tycoon, Malik Riaz, Sues Uzma Khan WWorth Rs. 5 Billion For Defamation Over Recent Scandal Of His Daughter.

The move came in an aftermath of a recent video footage where Amna Usman was beating up actress Uzma Khan for having an affair with …

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Deepfakes – A Recent Threat To Politics And Democracy

From Mark Zuckerberg to Barack Obama, Deepfake videos have spread its roots Doctoring images to produce anything is widely common and done in almost all …

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Eight-year-old housemaid beaten to death by employers for freeing exotic birds in Pakistan

Employers beat eight-year-old Zohra, a housemaid, to death as two parrots flew away while she was cleaning the birdcage, in the residential area of Islamabad …

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Peace vs Blood – 3 Times India Opted for Harmony during Chaos

In the last 70 years, India has had many conflicts with Pakistan and China A peace-loving country, a nation which has invaded no other country …

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Terrorism in the name of Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism

Generally linked with Islam, terrorism has now spread its wings to other religions Daily hundreds and sometimes thousands are made the targets of terrorist activities …

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